Europe ~ Blog 2. Hannover

December 05, 2022

Last night I spent the night at Basil in Hannover being hosted by Stefan who was the perfect host due to his very astute palate and beautiful wine library of circa 6000 bottles. He never does Winemaker dinners, but made an exception for us on the strength of his relationship with my importers Vinabonus, Petra & Hilmar Naubert. 

The menu was specifically created to match the 6 NZ Chardonnays poured. Along with Tony Bish wines we had Fromm & Man O'War Valhalla Chardonnays.  

The 25 guests were very engaged and we had a lot of fun! Stefan has a very witty dry humor, making the evening sensational & most enjoyable. I left very full & happy, with many guests ordering beautiful NZ Chardonnay!!


Antony Bish
Antony Bish